Tools / Tips

San Marco Ceramics believe it is not only their products that speak for themselves, but the purchasing process that makes them stand out from the competition. During the process of purchasing floor and wall tiles, decorative wall tiles, bathroom tiles, porcelain tiles, kitchen ceramic tiles and marble and mosaic tiles we aim to offer the very best service, expertise and product knowledge available.

Our skilled staff have in depth knowledge and experience in the tile selection and buying process and are on hand to help with all of your queries. Our staff are able to point out certain factors to look for when purchasing, such as prepping the area, fixing, installation and maintenance. This straightforward and honest advice is always valuable to our clients and helps our staff provide a better service and understanding.

Why San Marco's tools and tips are invaluable:

  • Provide honest and accurate advice
  • Staff put themselves in the purchasers shoes
  • Staff are specialised in all tile product areas
  • Can provide a network of skilled and reliable tilers
  • Order in stock for special orders
  • Supply tools for installation

San Marco prides itself on being able to answer all questions regarding their products and also being able to order in a variety of stock upon request. We also offer a number of professional and practised tilers to fix and install your floor and wall tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, outdoor floor tiles, exterior and interior tiles. Our vast network of tilers are able to complete a large-scale job or a small single room in a home.

The San Marco Process:

  • Consult with our tile specialists
  • Run through your options
  • If you need, order in your ideal stock
  • Run through tiling tools
  • Run through cleaners, sealants and adhesive grouts
  • Consult with a tiler, if needed
  • Enjoy your newly tiled area!

Being a family owned and operated business for almost 40 years, our staff are trained and knowledgeable in several areas concerning tiling and sourcing of products. Porcelain tiles, chrome tiles, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, mosaic tiles and glass tile sheets are all products which are always available and can be ordered in very promptly.

For further information about all interior, exterior, floor and wall tiles and products, call us on (03) 9466 4799 to speak to a specialised tile expert!