bluestone tiles

bluestone tiles

bluestone tiles

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Bluestone Tile Flooring

Bluestone is a basalt rock usually formed because of the rapid cooling of lava on the earth’s surface. The tiles are cut from the large rocks, and their surfaces are then differently finished to suit the need of various homes. The use of bluestone tiles is very common in Melbourne. You will find that many homes have these tiles. Thanks to their sturdy and durable nature, they are fit to be installed indoors as well as outdoor of the home.

Are you considering the best bluestone tiles in Melbourne? At San Marco Ceramics, we supply quality bluestone tiles bathroom that complements your unique aesthetic sense. Bluestone is a well-known stone in Australia. It is also called basalt in other parts of the world. This bluestone tile flooring is high in demand among our clients because of its ruggedness and hardness.

Bluestone suppliers in Melbourne

San Marco Ceramics is a trusted bluestone supplier in Melbourne that offers high-quality, stylish, and reliable bluestone tile flooring to our customers. As these tiles are slip and scratch-resistant and ensure durability, they can be considered for both internal and external areas of the house. You can install bluestone tiles in the bathroom of your home or outside near the pool area.

Our bluestone tiles in Melbourne are renowned for sophisticated and unique designs, so you can expect your space to look all the more attractive. No matter what the colour scheme of your area is, you can easily find a perfect match from our wide collection.

The makeup, sturdiness, and texture of this cost-effective material can handle all the extreme climates of Australia. If you want a tranquil look around swimming pools, spas, patios, kitchens, hallways, and much more, you can’t go wrong if you use bluestone floor tiles.

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