Return Policy


We know that we supply the best tiles around but we need you to make sure that you have received the tiles you ordered and that they meet your satisfaction. We want to ensure that your tiling project is the best. With this in mind we ask that you please check the tiles we have supplied.

  1. Inspect the tiles for any defect
  2. Check that all tile supplied to the site are the correct quantity, colour, shade and size as ordered or selected.
  3. Check that the shades are consistent through the batch supplied.
  4. Ensure that the quantity of tiles on site are sufficient for the project and if insufficient more tiles of the same batch should be ordered prior to the commencement of any work.
  5. To make sure that blending of any inherent shade variation occurs, please mix tiles from different boxes.
  6. Ensure all Polished or Honed Porcelain Tiles must be thoroughly cleaned and sealed unless it is "Presealed".
  7. Understand that some Polished Porcelain Tiles may have a smoky, hazy, smudgy type effect on the surface at certain angles. This is not a defect in the tile but an inherent characteristic - See Staff for more information.
  8. Should not expect your polished porcelain to reflect as a mirror does as its surface is not completely smooth.

Porous Natural Stone and Ceramic Tiles are a natural product and some variation can be expected in shade and size. Australian Standards define the acceptable variation and imperfections allowable in any batch.

We will not accept any claims for replacement. Repair or reimbursement once tiles have been laid if that claim is for defects, size, shade variation, incorrect supply or other fault that should reasonable been obvious before laying commenced.

It is the responsibility of the tiler, builder or homeowner to check tiles before laying them. If there is any concern regarding the quality, size, colour, shade or variation of the batch on site, the tiles must NOT be laid.

If a defect is discovered while tiles are being laid... work must STOP immediately and SMC must be contacted. Tel 9466 4799

Should there be any concerns or questions, please call us here at SMC. TEL: 03 9466 4799