Porcelain Tiles

At San Marco Ceramics, porcelain tiles make up approximately 80% of our total stock. Being a sleek, modern looking tile, porcelain is perfect for floor and wall tiles, kitchen tiles, outdoor floor tiles and as decorative wall tiles.

Our buyers always look to purchase with the customer in mind. We choose our products based on the durability, fit and quality. Our products are purchased based on popularity and the fashion-forwardness of the industry. While we understand that tiles are part of a building, the infrastructure and implemented of everyday use, they also add to the overall feel and atmosphere of a room, hence should be looked at as a vital element of the interior and design process.

Why choose San Marco for all of your Porcelain Tile needs?

  • Huge part of range and business - 80% imported
  • Always buy with the customer in mind
  • All purpose use - interior, exterior, kitchens, bathrooms, dining
  • Hard waring
  • Non-fade

Porcelain Popularity!

Porcelain tiles are fired at 1200 - 1300 degrees, forming a strong and compact tile. Today, porcelain tiles have become an incredibly popular choice among buyers for a range of purposes. In the past, plain porcelain tiles were mainly used commercial spaces, however they have become increasingly popular choice of bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and often seen as decorative wall tiles in living spaces.

Being the most versatile tile on the market, porcelain tiles are being used in a multitude of ways, including floor and walls, decorative and in bathrooms. Not only popular used on the interior of a building, porcelain tiles are now often used on the exterior. With an abortion rate of 100 times less than most ceramic tiles, the resistance and multi-use is undoubted. San Marco noticed this trend in the ever popular material which is why over 80% of our overall stock is porcelain.

For further information about all porcelain tiles and products, call us on (03) 9466 4799 to speak to a specialised tile expert!