Decorative Wall Tiles

Decorative wall tiles can be a fabulous addition to a building. Offering that wow factor of a fabulous mosaic wall or outdoor tiled area, we always look at how to enhance a plain area through the great use of tiles. At San Marco, while we always look at convenience and long-lasting products, we understand that the use of tiling is a unique and effective way to add a special feature to your home or any building.

Why opt for designer wall tiles?

  • Effective and unique element
  • Fashion-forward and strong design focus
  • Urban and prevailing feel
  • Cost-effective
  • Alternate option to art or wall hangings

Designer and Interior selected wall tiles:

All decorative wall tiles are hand-picked by our experienced and savvy design and interior concepts team. Overseas trends and popular products are sifted through and dissected to fit into the Australian market and lifestyle. Floor and wall tiles, marble tiles, mosaic tiles and bathroom tiles can have a suitable use, but may also have a stylish and chic appeal.

When travelling overseas to exhibitions and visiting our clients we tend to focus on what is popular both locally and internationally to achieve a great balance of quality, colour and designer focus. Our trained interior and designer specialists understand the overseas market and how it differs from the Australian market which is why we buy for the everyday Australian and accept individual orders for often more 'out there' products.

At San Marco's stores there are in-store design and colour specialists on hand to help with everyday enquiries and all information regarding floor and wall tiles, porcelain tiles, bathroom tiles, chrome tiles, marble floor tiles, mosaic tiles, outdoor tiles and glass tile sheets.

For further information about all decorative wall tiles and products, call us on (03) 9466 4799 to speak to a specialised tile expert!