Cleaners & Sealants

There is no point in spending money on tiles and products if you do not invest in the correct cleaners and sealants to protect your products. Tiles should be looked at as an investment and a durable product. And while tiles require are minimal maintenance, there are certain cleaners and sealants that we recommend to use to ensure maximum use.

San Marco sell the very best quality cleaning and maintenance products to help our clients achieve maximum results. Whether it be porcelain tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen ceramic tiles, marble tiles or mosaic tiles, we have the appropriate cleaning solution for you.

Why invest in cleaners and sealants:

  • To ensure durability and get the most of our your tiles
  • To clean your tiles with the most appropriate solution
  • A small cost to ensure longevity
  • Easy, fast and effective cleaning
  • Ensure a space where you spend majority of your time is hygienic

It is important to note that cleaners and sealants vary depend on the surface used. For example, floor and wall tiles, outdoor floor tiles bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles may require different products.

For further information about all adhesive grouts and products, call us on (03) 9466 4799 to speak to a specialised tile expert!