Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Space

Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Space

Like with each individual person, each house property radiates specific characteristics and feel to its inhabitants. While most houses emit positive energy with efficient use of natural light and good airflow, some houses vibrate low energy with dark and congested interiors, lack of natural airflow, and more.

Regardless of the current condition of your home interior, you can make it spread vibrant energy with some renovations, aimed to address the specific characteristics of low energy. Even with the selection of right tile, you can change the total appearance of the interior of your property.

A renovation is a great way to make your property feel livelier and reflect the current trends of interior design and architecture. Most homeowners prefer to perform a complete renovation of their property at least once in every 5-7 years as it also improves the property’s value.

You can do a minimalistic renovation and make the interiors of your property look simplified, spacious, airy, and great. One of the best options to get it done is by replacing the tiles of your property. Certain tiles lose their shine over the time, and one of the best ways to get a revamped look is to replace the tiles with the latest trends available on the market.

Are you confused about what tiles to choose when considering a renovation for the interior of your property? Let’s discuss some floor tile ideas and tips that can make your property interiors look great.

Same Tone Throughout The Interior

By having the same tone across the interior, including wall paints and floor tiles, you can give it a contrasting beauty and a unique appeal. You can achieve this by providing a contrasting colour to your cabinets – possibly a darker theme for a white background. With lighter shades and tones for the tiles and walls, the interior can look more spacious and airier. It gives a strong style statement to the interiors of your property and provides a unique appeal.

However, you should be careful while choosing darker tones for your interior as it can make your room look smaller, as it may look like its chopping up your space. The same rule applies if you use light tiles and dark walls or vice versa.

While planning for the bathroom renovation, you should do some research on the latest trends in each category, what value they can add to your space, the best options on the market, and more.

You can restrict the same tone rule within certain rooms if you want colourful themes in your guest room or children’s bedroom. When choosing the tiles for your bathroom and kitchen, you should select materials that do not cause stains due to water spillage.

Porcelain Tiles For All Around Style And Functionality

If you have not used porcelain tiles before, you may have many questions about this tile option. In reality, porcelain tiles are known for excellent strength and moisture resistance features. You have the option to choose porcelain tiles in different colours, textures, and styles. While choosing your porcelain tiles, you should pay attention to the specs as not all tiles are made equally.

The technology innovations have made it possible for the homeowners to access porcelain tiles with excellent hardness and stain resistance features. With those characteristics considered, you will find the tiles greatly meeting the requirements for your bathroom and kitchen as well.

Additionally, the tiles are also an economical option to give a sophisticated look of stone or wood to the interior of your home. With the help of digital ink-jet printers, tile manufacturers make stylish designer tiles that can give the look and feel of natural tiles in every sense.

Natural Stone Tiles For Quality And Luxury

Choosing a stone floor is the primary option to combine luxury and quality to the interior of your property. Granite, marble, and travertine can improve the appeal of any room of your house. It is especially true if you use large tile sizes, starting from 12×12. The tiles can make your interiors trendy and modern.

Note that unsealed stones can be porous, and this may lead to stains and water infiltration, ultimately leading to falling apart. Therefore, you should get sealed stones to ensure durability and moisture resistance capabilities. Again, the stone tiles need to be resealed once in every 5-10 years to enhance their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Natural stone tiles need low maintenance and provide a classic look to your home. The tiles can amplify bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, hallways, conservatories, and more.

Lighter Tones For Natural Light

As much as you can tap natural light into the interior, your house would appeal to people with its positive energy. With its smart selection of light tiles and stones, you can make the interior look airier and illuminated. If you intelligently use the right ventilation, you will find that your electricity bills are reduced.

Tiles that are polished to reflect the natural light can ensure efficiently capture natural light. However, the light reflection should not lead to undesirable effects of lighting, including shadows. Additionally, you can also contribute to nature with the smart reduction of natural resources.

Even with low power lights and fixtures, your rooms can look brighter if you use light-coloured tiles when compared to using dark tiles.

Decorative Tiles For Unique Interiors

Decorative tiles are the primary option for homeowners who want a unique style for their home interiors. With vibrant colours and mesmerising wall tile patterns, you will find these tiles complementing your kitchen, bathrooms, and living room.

While choosing decorative tiles, you have the option to select both tiles with stand-alone designs as well as tiles together to form stunning designs like wallpaper. However, you should pay attention to the light pattern of the room, where you want to install decorative tiles. By installing decorative accents, you can make the dark spaces look bright.

You should be careful about the grouts on the tiles. While darker grouts can give a standout appeal, lighter ones tend to disappear over time. Based on your budget, you can choose a wide range of decorative tiles made from different materials to make the interior of your house look unique. You have the option to select decorative tiles made from a wide range of materials, marble to porcelain tiles.

If you are creative enough and have a special design, you can make your own decorative tiles by contacting a tile dealer or designer. You can draw the design on a graph paper and work with your tile designer to get it printed on your tiles. Your designs can give a high impact on the interior of your house, compared to the decorative tiles available on the market.

If you love to experiment with new styles and designs, decorative tiles are your option as you can imprint your designs on any tiles.

Concrete Tiles For Custom Designs

Choosing concrete tiles is a great way to give a modern, upscale feel for interiors. These tiles are an excellent choice for your kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The biggest benefit of a concrete tile is it can be made with custom designs.

You can choose different colours, textures, and sizes to make tiles with custom designs. Additionally, you can include embeds, custom cutouts, 3D sculptural designs, special imprinted patterns, and more. It means that you have unlimited design options with concrete tiles. Compared to natural stones, these custom-made flooring options are affordable and can be your natural choice if you want more value for your tile shopping. Concrete tiles are highly durable and resistant to moisture, staining, and scratches.

Penny Tile: The Small, The Beautiful

The penny tile is known for its simplicity and can give stylish designs for all your rooms. The tile is available in a single colour or a rainbow of colours. The penny round tiles are also a great option to create wall tile patterns in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom if you are creative enough. You can choose the tiles in two or three colours and arrange in a pattern to get the results.

White penny tiles that come with black grout are an excellent choice for creating a classic retro look. You can use a mix of penny tiles with different colours to create mosaics with cheeky phrases, charming sayings, and words of welcome. While marble penny tiles are more elegant and luxurious, glass tiles are glossy and sophisticated.

Creating your own designs using penny tiles is a daunting task. Today, many tile manufacturers offer penny tiles in sheets and squares, making your job much easier unless you want your creativity on the walls and floors. Since these tiles come with numerous grouts, you will find it less convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

The retro vibe look of the tile makes it a great choice to use as a shower floor and bathroom backsplash. You will also find these tiles conveniently also look great in mudrooms, laundry rooms, and staircases.


As tiles take a significant portion of your house property as floor and wall tiles, your tile selection matters a lot in defining the characteristics of the interior of your property. You can conveniently combine style and functionality to get what you want.

Choosing the tile according to where you want to use it is important as bathroom tiles should be slip resistant. San Marco Ceramics has an excellent range of tiling solutions that can make your property interior look stylish and modern. San Marco tiles in Melbourne are manufactured using modern techniques to provide lasting results. Get the assistance of our tile specialists to choose the right flooring for your space by calling (03) 9466 4799 today.