Styling Your Kitchen With Floor And Wall Tiles

Renovating or building a kitchen is a job that needs careful consideration of various reasons. The primary reason for that is kitchens should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. It can be stylish, but that should not be by compromising the kitchen’s purpose.

Modern kitchens mean combining both purpose and style to give a great cooking environment for the users. If you have plans to remodel your kitchen or want to build a new one, you have to consider multiple factors for creating a perfect environment for cooking and eating.

That includes an overall theme, proper selection of tiles, matching paints, proper arrangement of cabinets, and kitchen design that ensures hassle-free movement for users, and much more.

The selection of tiles for the kitchen floor and walls is critical in making your environment fitting your functional and style needs. With a few decades of expertise in offering tile solutions for various customers, we can give you tips, style advice, and ideas to help you to choose the right tile for your kitchen.

Let’s discuss some floor and wall tile ideas that can make your kitchen smart, stylish, and functional.

Brighter, Bolder Kitchens

Colour gets greater acceptability these days compared to a decade back. This is most visible in kitchen wall tiles, as well as floor tiles. If you are interested in adding colourfulness to your kitchen that can give a clear statement, you can choose kitchen splashbacks with bold colours.

Especially against a white or lighter background, the bolder colours can give contrast, depth, and style. Using dark colour splashbacks and floor tiles can make your kitchen look less stained, compared to light colour tiles. Tiles with bright, bold colours are easy to maintain, and you will find your kitchen looks fresh.

Today, many homeowners prefer to choose long, thin kit-kat tiles with brighter colours to give a unique visual interest, without giving an engaging look to their kitchen. Also known as finger tiles, the kit-kat tiles are an excellent choice for splashbacks with the reflection of ingenuity, passion, dynamism, and creativity. It is an excellent option if you want the colour and texture of your tiles define the character of your kitchen.

Ceiling-Height Splashback

When it comes to kitchen wall tile choices, you will see many new experiments that can make your kitchen look clean and stylish. One of the biggest kitchen tile splashback ideas in recent years is ceiling-height splashback. While splashback tiles are meant to cover the areas around cabinets and countertops to protect the walls from water spillage, today interior designers and homeowners consider it as a way to make kitchens look stylish and different.

They install splashbacks even if there is no cabinets or countertops in the kitchen. You can go further and install tiles from the ceiling to the bottom of the wall, covering the entire wall. Especially this year, more homeowners are expected to replace wall cabinetry with open shelves or windows and choose ceiling-height splashback tiles. The concept ceiling-height splashback has become increasingly popular as it gives a focal point for the kitchen.

You can create large patterns on your splashbacks and make it more stylish. If you use white or light colour subway tiles, you can make your kitchen look more spacious and brighter. The splashback tiles can also provide a visual break from the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen.

If you are planning to install ceiling-height splashback tiles in your kitchen, it is also one of the best ways to add your creativity to the interior of the property. You can create patterns, choose different combinations of colours, experiment with various textures, and more.

Metallic Finishes Translate Power

Metallic finishes make an entry to today’s kitchen in various forms: metallic tiles, attachments, and more. Metallic tiles can add sparkle and shine to your kitchen with options from copper to gold hues. It is a great way to add a metallic look to your kitchen and make it more functionally appealing and modern.

Many tile manufacturers offer these tiles in different designs as well. You can choose different patterns, such as penny round metal tiles, cobblestones, stick brick tiles, and much more. A large number of three-dimensional tile styles are also available to make your kitchen unique.

The industrial style metallic tiles mostly feature accents by offering less trendy look than that of full-on industrial themes. These tiles can greatly complement your kitchen as splashbacks and give an industrial vibe to the interior.

Patterns For A Creative Kitchen

Creating patterns is a great way to give unique style statements. Compared to traditional kitchens, patterns are perceived as modern and engaging. You can set your creative mind free and go for ideas that can inspire you and connect with you. With the combination of a wide range of colours and shapes, you can design your kitchen based on your specific requirements.

You can choose DIY kitchen floor tiles to make your patterns and designs for your cooking space. Choose any style from antique to modern with multiple filters including abstract geometric patterns, decorative florals, quirky prints, and more. You will fall in love with your interiors after the renovation.

You can do experiments with your kitchen by bringing both textural and visual variance for specific focal points or make the kitchen uniformly stylish with specific patterns for the whole interior. Regardless of if you have a traditional or contemporary home, pattern tiles can greatly work not only your kitchen but across the interior floors and walls.

Clean, Durable Floor Tiles

Regardless of if you have a spacious or small kitchen, maintaining it is not easy if you have a busy schedule. As mentioned earlier, functionality rules over style, and you should choose the right kitchen flooring option that is easy to clean and durable.

Since you use the kitchen every day, you appreciate tiles that can be cleaned in minimal time. While choosing a theme for the kitchen, you can give any style from modern to classic appeal while ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Certain tips can help you to choose tiles with minimal maintenance. If you want to choose natural tiles for kitchen, select stones such as granite or slate after proper sealing treatment. These tiles are known for non-porosity to liquids and show excellent impervious characteristic to water after sealing treatment. Ceramic tile is another great choice for kitchens with its moisture resistance features.

Concrete slabs are another excellent choice for kitchen flooring with its resistance to scratches and chipping issues. Further, you can seal your concrete floors to avoid any water or moisture penetration through small, invisible pores.

Using vinyl flooring for the kitchen is another great way to add style and make your kitchen easy to clean and maintain. Wood-coloured vinyl flooring is a great way to give a more impressive, natural appeal to your kitchen.

Style With Tile Mosaics

Mosaic has a range of applications in kitchens with its colour, design, size, and texture choices. One of the primary applications of mosaic tiles in kitchens is backsplashes. The colourful mosaic tiles can add a style statement to your kitchen. Mosaics with patterns or dots in different colours can amplify the feel of your kitchen.

Mosaic tiles can also work great with floors as you can create lush, fanciful designs. You can choose uniform or random patterns based on how you want to see your kitchen floors. The diverse range of mosaic tiles available on the market gives you the right theme or style you want to put in your kitchen.

Mosaic tiles are your best choice if you want economic but appealing natural stone tiling solutions for your kitchen.

The Right Materials

Choosing the tiles made from the right material is important while you want to renovate your kitchen. The tiles should showcase anti-slip characteristics and be easy to clean and maintain. Also, if the tiles can last longer without losing the sheen, your selection for the right tile for your kitchen is half done.

Porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone tiles can fit your kitchen in all those aspects. You can clean all these tiles easier than ever.

Mosaic tiles are your best choice if you want economic but appealing natural stone tiling solutions for your kitchen.


Today, homeowners have access to a wide range of tile solutions that can fit all their style and functionality requirements. Convenience and style are two aspects you should consider while choosing your kitchen tiles. Innovations in technology have made unique tiling solutions with custom designs available to homeowners.

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