About Us

San Marco was born in 1972, offering only 200 products in its initial stages. Still a family business, San Marco Ceramics offer over 2,000 products and remains loyal and supportive to many of the same clients it served almost four decades ago. Proud to be providing floor and wall tiles, porcelain tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen ceramic tiles, marble tiles, mosaic tiles and outdoor floor tiles, the team at San Marco Ceramics remain dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best in quality at the very best price. Also being an active member of the Australian tile council, we remain familiar with industry regulations and changes.

Constantly on the search for innovative home, floor and wall tiles:

It is no simple task to be able to offer the same products for four decades and remain competitive. However, with fresh ideas and hard-working staff and suppliers we constantly remain on top of market trends and innovative products. Senior staff travel to some of the world’s leading tile exhibitions in Italy, Spain and China. The exhibitions display an incredible amount of material and technique change seen through all new products on display. Whether it is floor and wall tiles, porcelain tiles, decorative wall tiles, chrome tiles or kitchen ceramic tiles, the exhibitions allow us to source specific products from around the world depending on which destination demonstrates the finest quality.

Why visit San Marco Ceramics for all your tile needs?

  • Over 38 years experience in the industry
  • Strong knowledge about details and materials
  • Order specific stock
  • Large stock holdings for small and big orders
  • Over 2000 products!
  • Continually investing in new products, based on trends
  • Attend multiple tile exhibitions annually
  • Trained staff in interior styling and colour experts

Personalised Customer Service:

At San Marco Ceramics, the convenience and satisfaction of the client is a top priority for our team. This is why we will source, consult and deliver all orders and samples to make the selection and purchasing process as simple as possible. Whether you walk in and are enquiring about samples or looking to purchase container of stock, we will offer personalised service for your needs.

Our skilled staff at our stores have training and professional knowledge in the colour selection process of finding the right floor and wall tiles, porcelain tiles, decorative wall tiles, marble floor tiles, outdoor floor tiles, bathroom tiles and kitchen ceramic tiles to suit your space and personal style.

Whether you are fitting out a single bathroom, or 400 bathrooms for a development, we will work with your to suit your preference and budget.

About Our Products:

At San Marco Ceramics, we focus on ensuring we have something for everyone by offering a huge range of products to suit all needs. Our porcelain tiles take up approximately 80% of our entire product range. Being the newest technology manufactured tiles, porcelain tiles are available in matt or polished textures with glazed finishes. Fired at 1200 – 1300 degrees, porcelain tiles are hard-waring, long-lasting with a high abrasion resistance.

Apart from providing specific information on each and every product in stock, the staff at San Marco Ceramics are able to run through the adhesives required and maintenance involved in any tiles purchased. It is important to know the minor details to ensure longevity, such as information about sealing, durability, high gloss, non-slip and other details clients often forget when choosing their tiles. We see it as our job and duty to provide honest advice to ensure a strong, long-lasting relationship with all of our clients.

For further information about all floor and wall tiles and products, call us on (03) 9466 4799 to speak to a specialised tile expert!