2019 Bathroom Tile Trends

2019 Bathroom Tile Trends

Monotony can make even the best artwork less entertaining or encouraging. After all, who wants to watch Avatar for the 100th time?

It can make you less creative and make you feel really bored. Everyone wants their surroundings to inspire them and bring new ideas and thoughts to their minds.

How’s that possible? By changing the things around you. Renovate the interior of your home, explore new places around the world, going for some great outdoor adventures, the list never ends.

Renovating the interior of your house is one of the best ways to add some new flavour and colours to your home interior.

Why Is It Important to Renovate Bathrooms?

Firstly, it gives a refreshing new look and appeal to your bathroom. It increases the value of your interiors as you are aware that the existing wall and floor tiles lose their shine over the years. Getting new tiles, cabinets, sinks, and more, is an awesome experience, almost as if you have entered a completely new bathroom.

It is again a great way to replace the cracked tiles and leaking fixtures and sinks. Moreover, it makes your bathroom look modern and luxurious by including the latest innovations in sinks, tiles, and fixtures.

While planning for the bathroom renovation, you should do some research on the latest trends in each category, what value they can add to your space, the best options on the market, and more.

Are you unsure which tiles are the right bathroom tiles to choose from that can appeal to your bathroom’s, both functionally and aesthetically? Or do you need tips to learn which bathroom tiles to choose to make your bathroom unique?

We want to help you to choose the bathroom tiles based on your preferences. With our expertise in the tile industry, we want you to be considering some of the latest tile trends on the market before selecting your tiles.

After all, bathroom tiles, both floor and wall tiles, are the biggest visible part of any bathroom and become the primary feature of its renovation.">

Let’s discuss some of the most popular bathroom trends and tiling solutions.

Graphic Patterns: Modern, Luxurious

Tiles with graphic patterns are a great way to add style to any room. You can get countless patterns and styles with either mixing bold contrasting colours or soft subtle hues. This year, tiles with graphic patterns can be the biggest trendsetter with bathroom wall and floor tiles as people who need engaging and stylish tile patterns would increasingly choose these tiles.

From ceramic to subway tiles, graphic patterns are the best ways for homeowners to get their creativity on tiling solutions. Though the market sees encaustic ceramic tiles with graphic patterns today, you can also expect porcelain tiles with patterns this year. Get ready for a year of bold colours and patterns.

Narrow Subway Tile: Style Meets Simplicity

This tile is minimalistic and comes in typical tile shapes. These tiles often come in a single colour without any patterns. However, simple patterns can also go great with most bathrooms. You can add different style appeals by carefully choosing the size and colour of your subway tiles.

Cream and Bianco tiles can work well if your bathroom features dark coloured sinks and cabinets. The dark-light combination can complement each other and can give your bathroom a unique feel. Similarly, midnight, dark anthracite, and graphite grey tiles can go great with white or light-coloured sinks and fixtures.

These tiles can replace classic subway tiles and have a high probability to become the sensation for this year.

Honeycomb Tiles For Tile Pattern Wonders

Honeycomb tiles are your best choice if you like geometric tile patterns. The tiles, in a standard hexagon shape, are a great choice for a clean, neat interior. While brighter or darker tiles can give a bold statement of style, lighter colours can provide an airier and more relaxed environment.

These tiles also come in different patterns and make your bathroom look stylish. Honeycomb tiles can give an artistic appeal to your bathroom and give it a fresh and contemporary appeal that lasts for years.

Espresso Tones: The Colour Matters

The colour is a great trendsetter this year – similar to earthy tones such as chocolate brown. Glossy, polished, or rough finishes can go great with bathrooms. Its tone is a great option for anyone who wants to choose a more neutral palette.

You will find more matte and glossy finishes ruling the market this year. Authentic wood-like tiles can give a luxury appeal to bathrooms, and porcelain tiles are coming in these colours. The tone is a popular choice for many people as it is easy to clean and makes the bathroom look dry. This year, the tone will gain more fans throughout Australia.

Porcelain Tiles: Versatile For Bathrooms

Porcelain tiles are an evergreen choice to consider while planning how to remodel your bathroom. These tiles, which are made from clay at extremely high temperatures, are the best choice for people who want natural tiling solutions. These are available in dark and light tones and can become a great choice for bathrooms as most porcelain tiles come with anti-slip properties.

These tiles are available mostly in semi-gloss and matte finishes and have some specific characteristics to fit for bathroom floors. It shows excellent water and stain resistance that makes it ideal for daily cleaning and maintenance. The harder, less-porous porcelain tiles can become more popular in 2019.

Mosaic For A Glossy Bathroom

Though mosaic was not popular for some time, recent trends confirm that it is experiencing a resurgence in its popularity. One of the biggest advantages of mosaic tiles is that you can make bold single colours or patterns to make your bathrooms look different and stylish.

It allows you to depict from history to mythology and make your bathroom style dearer to you. White, black, and chocolate colour mosaic tiles are going to be more popular this year. It is one of the cheapest options for people who want natural stone tiling solutions for their interior.

Most glass mosaic tiles are easy to clean and are resistant to mould, stains, and mildew. With the diverse range of mosaic tile options available on the market, you can get the latest bathroom trends for your property.

Wood Plank Mean Luxury

There was a time when wood planks were not the preferred choice for bathrooms. It was due to standing water on the floor, splashing, and high humidity in bathrooms. Today, more people want wood planks to make stunning and stylish bathrooms. Thanks to prefinished hardwood flooring and polyurethane coatings for improved water resistance.

The wood planks are available in non-traditional tile sizes. While most of the tiles come with a standard width of 6”, they usually come in different lengths, ranging from 12” to 48”. It means that you can create a wide range of ornate patterns with these tiles and make your bathroom look stylish and impressive.

The planks made from oak, maple, and cherry currently rule the market, and most people prefer to choose realistic wood grained finishes. Porcelain wood grain tiles are an excellent choice with its stain and water resistance characteristics. The wood grains can improve the natural appeal of your bathroom. You also have the option to choose weathered, whitewashed, or distressed finishes as well.

Matte Finishes Come To Centre Stage

Like last year, this year you can also expect matte finishes getting more priority from homeowners across Australia. With the soft, powerful beauty-style, the tiles can give a clear style statement while being minimalistic. These tiles are one of the finest choices for busy bathrooms, without any watermarks or smudges.

The non-reflecting nature of the tile and low sheen make it easier to maintain. You will also find the tiles go great with both natural and artificial lights. Since these tiles give a highly polished look, they become a popular choice for many homeowners. This tile is a recommended choice for small bathrooms as it can make bathrooms look spacious.

Marbles With Soft Tones And Larger Scale Patterns

Marble is the preferred choice for many homeowners with its luxurious beauty. The natural rock comes in unique styles and colour. The use of technology and improved transportation options have made the natural stone available for homeowners throughout Australia.

This year, you will see the natural stone with soft colour tones featuring in many property interiors, including bathrooms. The neutral finishes of the marble stones allow them to display the natural beauty and shine without any impediments. Some tips can help you to choose the best marble tiles for your bathrooms.

The marble tiles with large-scale pattern can greatly match if you have large bathrooms. It means that your bathroom becomes a canvas in which the natural colour of marble sets the perfect background for pattern embossed on it. You can get similar patterns and feels by using porcelain tiles that give the natural feel and appeal of marble in every aspect if you prefer a cost-effective tiling solution.

With the help of modern technology, tile manufacturers make porcelain tiles that give the exact feel of natural marble.


While there are several trends and options available on the market, it is crucial for you to choose what satisfies your soul and mind. It should also give a unique style statement that can impress your family members and guests. With the countless tile options with different materials of make, shape, colour, finish, and more, you can conveniently find the tile choice for your bathroom.

You can browse the San Marco Ceramics products to explore the latest trends in bathroom tiles as we are keen on combining quality, style, and affordability with diverse tile range. If you are confused to choose the right tile for your bathrooms, get the assistance of the tile professionals of San Marco by contacting us online or by calling us on (03) 9466 4799.